Sven Kopacz Applications and Sources

Sven Kopacz Applications and Sources


Sven Kopacz, Author of several well known Atari Programs has agreed to release all his programs and code (including E-Mailer, Alice, Wincom) as freeware.
Sven send me his old Power Macintosh 7600, so that I can rescue and publish the sources and binaries.
Many thanks to Sven for his donation to the Atari community!

I decided to release all the packages with an configured Pure-C installation, so that you are able to compile the sources without much hassle.

All Sources were released by Sven Kopacz as GPL licensed!


Grape is an previously unrealeased Graphics Program for Atari Computers.
The archive contains sources and binaries.
I did not test any functions because grape refuses to run under true color modes / aranym.
The binaries are located inside the source.c/grafik folder, and can be started right from there.
Maybe modules folder and such things need to be configured then.

Download GRAPE


EMAILER (also known as ASH EMAILER) was an commercial and comfortable Email application back in it's time.
The archive contains sources and binaries.
I did not test any functions because emailer refuses to run under FreeMint / without IConnect.
The sources for the emailer are located inside the source.c/COMMS/TCP_IP/CLIENTS/IO folder.
There are several other sources included, for example the socket lib and addrbook, an freeware email adress manager. But you will also find tools like finger or IConnect PPP Driver inside the package.

E-Mailer Addrbook 1 Addrbook 2

Download EMAILER